ACC creates environments where our residents, team members and communities thrive.

Our company values are centered around people. Value number one is to put students first. Serving students well requires engaged, passionate team members, so we’ve created an award-winning culture that fosters growth and rewards achievement. And service is also deeply embedded into our culture: we give back to the communities in which we live and work.

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  • We’re passionate about creating rewarding careers.


    Our culture is built on shared values, a higher purpose and a team of people who truly love what they do. To attract and retain exceptional talent, we have created a work environment that is motivating and rewarding and allows our employees to rise as high as their ambition.

    Our culture encourages new thinking, innovation, open debate and personal growth.

    In 2019, ACC’s Culture Committee continued to foster our culture of service and team spirit through regular internal communications, volunteer events and fun activities that surprised and delighted employees.


    Employees rated our culture 4.63 out of 5


    employees satisfied

    96% of employees are satisfied at ACC (78% of them "very satisfied")


    Benefits and Wellness

    We invest in the health, happiness and financial security of our team members by providing a comprehensive benefits package. Highlights include ample vacation and sick time, health coverage for domestic partners, 401(k) matching, paid maternity leave and an educational assistance program.

    To foster employees’ health and wellness, in 2019 we continued to sponsor a yearly health fair with screenings and education, as well as ongoing events throughout the year. We also provided free flu shots, free CPR classes and discounted gym memberships for employees at our headquarters, as well as ongoing wellness challenges and a monthly health and wellness newsletter for all employees companywide.

    Investing in Employee Development

    The pursuit of growth is a core value at ACC. Our employees’ professional growth fuels our company’s growth. That’s why we’ve built a comprehensive employee development program with opportunities at every career stage. We connect employees with plans tailored to their goals, and offer a range of trainings, mentoring and conferences. Employees are auto-enrolled for the appropriate courses when they are hired for or promoted into new positions.

    In 2019, we provided trainings and one-on-one mentoring to all new general managers, area managers and regional managers. We hosted annual leasing trainings at 125 properties. We hosted an annual leadership conference in Austin for more than 290 operations staff. And quarterly updates with our CEO Bill Bayless gave all employees insight into ACC’s overall strategies and progress.

    Employee Development

    ACC University (Learning Management System)

    • Library


      Grew our library to 584 online courses (up 7% from 2018)

    • Employees


      Employees completed 125,000 online courses

    • Rating


      Average employee course rating 4.5/5

    ACC Spotlights

    Diversity and Inclusion

    We are proud that our ACC team represents the diversity of the residents and communities we serve. Having a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives makes our team more innovative. We strive to have an inclusive culture where all know their unique voices will be valued. We have recently formed a diversity and inclusion taskforce to oversee the execution of our goals over the long term.

    Our Diversity and Inclusion Statement

    ACC’s founding vision states, “Our people are our strength, achieving success through a dedication to excellence and integrity.” Our people are devoted to a culture of inclusion, diversity, and equality in the workplace and our communities.

    We have zero tolerance for racism and discrimination.

    Our company and our student communities are defined and strengthened by the belief that every individual and their experience adds value and enhances our position as an industry leader and university partner.

    We take responsibility to intentionally execute an evolving set of goals specific to inclusion, diversity, and accountability, driven by empathetic leadership and embraced by all.



    employees are male

    2019 Employee Demographics


    employees are female

    2019 Employee Demographics


    of male employees are minorities

    2019 Employee Demographics


    of female employees are minorities

    2019 Employee Demographics

    Industry Recognition

    Beyond our operational success and financial performance, ACC has been widely recognized as the sector’s “Best in Class” company with dozens of national and regional awards.

    • 2017 Great Place to Work

      2017: Great Place
      to Work® Certification

    • 2013 Forbes

      2013: Forbes, America's 100
      Most Trustworthy Companies

    • NAHB

      2013: National Association of Home Builders,
      Development Firm of the Year

    • Student Housing Business Magazine

      Student Housing Business Magazine:

  • We support our neighbors in need.


    Our work to empower young people starts at our communities, but it doesn’t end there. Through the American Campus Charity Foundation, as well as the individual efforts of our team members, we’ve raised nearly $6.2 million to help community organizations make a difference in the lives of young people in our hometown of Austin and in the communities where we operate.

    The Foundation will match the funds our communities raise for their charitable endeavors, up to $1,000 per community.

    ACC's designated charities include:



    We complement our financial donations by giving our time and expertise to local charities. In 2019, our corporate office in Austin hosted 26 volunteer and giving events including the Rise School Carnival, Central Texas Food Bank Volunteer Day, ACC Charity Golf Tournament and seasonal highway cleanups. Employees receive paid time off to participate in these events. We also hosted quarterly blood drives and regular collections for food, supplies and toys.

    We also encourage our communities to host events, and in 2019 they hosted more than 250, with a focus on Earth Day beautification events and Thanksgiving food drives.

    Many executives and staff also volunteer with our strategic nonprofit partners on an ongoing basis. Additionally, every C-level executive at ACC holds a board position at one of our designated philanthropies, actively fundraising and advancing their mission.

  • Creating Communities where students love living.

    Residence Life Programs

    Our number-one priority is delivering the best possible experience for students. We have a comprehensive residence life program to invest in students’ success and well-being. The program also creates a sense of community at our properties.

    Our program engages residents in a variety of ways:

    Academic Success

    Health and Wellness

    (physical and mental)

    Sustainable Living and Education

    Employability / Career Focus

    Giving Back / Charity

    Financial Literacy

    Community Engagement

    (property community and local community)

    Resident Appreciation

    ACC Spotlights


    We are committed to making high-quality student housing affordable for students, or “building for the masses, not the classes.” Our communities are strategically positioned to target all student demographics, with a better product at a better price point than our competitors. Our focus on walkability also cuts commuting costs for students. Additionally, in 2019 ACC and its charity foundation awarded $180,000 in scholarships to U.S. college students.

    ACC Communities v. Market Competitors


    lower rents than market average


    are below market median rent level


    are closer to campus than the market average distance

    COVID-19 Response

    In March 2020, we created a Resident Hardship Program to provide relief to those experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and also waived late payment and online payment fees.

    We transformed our market research and training departments into the COVID-19 critical data group. They developed our university tracker information system, which monitors the latest ordinances, public health guidelines and university policies in the 92 markets we serve. We will continue to use this information to make data-driven decisions for the 2020-2021 academic year.

    COVID-19 Response